REQUEST: Adjustments to Module Default Properties

    • It would be good to have the option to set the default ‘Detail Layout’ used for Custom Modules in the “Item Properties” section.
      Why? for modules that won’t utilise a detail view (won’t have an active URL) the detail layout should be set to ‘Don’t Use’ so this would allow us to set this by default.
      Also for user-submitted items, it would be good to have a default layout to enforce/set under different conditions (although we can’t currently set this via front-end… thinking to the future).
      And it just makes data entry easier.
    • A default setting for “Show this page for search engines”, so that modules who’s items will always be included for SEO can have this checked by default and we don’t have to manually remember to set this for each newly created item.
    • Change the label for the current “Disable All Items From Site Search” default setting, to just “Disable From Site Search” as it’s currently confusing as to what it does/doesn’t do to ‘ALL’ existing items.

Hi @Adam.Wilson

Sorry for my late reply, I have been away on holiday :slight_smile:
I have added the request here:

Please let me know if you want anything added to it :slight_smile:


I think this backlog request can be merged with this one.

In BC you would uncheck “Description” and this would not assign a URL to the module item nor would it display the description text box. This would come in very handy for module items that we are using for data. For example, I created a custom module for an industry-type list. This list needed to be accessed by multiple modules but didn’t make sense to use system categories.

Not creating a URL for the item will make it so you can’t edit it on the details page on the front end but its still possible.

Being able to select the detail list when you enter an item is one thing but I would like to be able to call the detail layout from the component tag. There are times I would like to use a different detail layout for any item in the module.

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Fine by me @Rhatch :+1: