REQUEST: Import/Export of Product Data

We really need the ability to import and export all product data so updates can be made in bulk. Without this we can’t make any changes to exisiting products or upload new ones in bulk and instead we need to manually add products or make updates one at a time.

For example, a client that has over 500 products has just asked if they can use the site search to search by ‘SKU code’. To do this I would need to put the SKU code into the Site Search Keywords field which would be a quick update if I could export the products, copy/paste the SKU column over to the Site Search Keywords column and re-upload. Instead, we can’t do it without manually imputing this on 500 products from within the admin. Any kind of bulk changes are not at all possible without this.

This is a really vital upgrade to be able to sell any new eCommerce websites and for updating current clients ecommerce products. I even have an eCommerce client that I can’t migrate because they regularly run sales and export/import from BC to enable the products on-sale and this is not doable in Treepl.

Can this please be added to the backlog @Peter-Schmidt.

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@Eugene - I guess this is very obvious why this is important? Do we need a backlog item for this or is this in the pipeline? :slight_smile:

It’s coming with 5.4 (July 1st). I posted the full scope of this sprint in Slack last week:

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Fantastic! That is great news @alex. Thanks for the confirmation it will make product updates so much easier.