RSS feed for 'Events'?

Is there an RSS feed available for the ‘Events’ module? If so, how do I access it? If not, how would I go about establishing an RSS feed of events entered in the ‘Events’ module?

Not sure who requested it in the first place but there is a Backlog Item for RSS Feeds but it needs more votes:

The backlog may need to be expanded for Events. @Peter-Schmidt - can you update this backlog item if necessary.

I have an RSS feed on 1 site and will want them on 2 others when I migrate them.

I use liquid to generate the XML code, view the code and copy it into a .XML file after each change. From there it is rendered as a standard RSS Feed.

Ideally it would be a background task just like the Site Map process.

Hi @peter.medbury

Any way I can get you to write the text you want to add to the backlog item, then I will add it ASAP :slight_smile:


How is this?

Create a new standard Module like Blogs, Events, etc to create RSS Feeds.

The Module should generate ‘standards compliant’ RSS XML files for Blogs, Events and Custom Modules, or a combination of these.

It should work the same way other Modules work:

  • Create Feed - Feed Name
  • Feed Settings - Location & Content (Blogs, Events, Custom Modules, etc), XML Elements, no of Items, etc
  • Feed Layout - should be a default layout based on Naming and Settings

Don’t want to be too prescriptive. Treepl use RSS Feeds in the Forum & I’m sure they understand it better than me.

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@peter.medbury - THANKS! :slight_smile:
It is added now, let me know if you have anything else :+1:

Wow! @peter.medbury, @Peter-Schmidt, @TimL, @A3CS, and @Adam.Wilson: thank you for the alternative approaches and especially for writing the request for the RSS feed module. The ability to create an RSS feed (without manually building a new feed each time there is a new item published) is important to me because I am looking to automate certain marketing actions for my clients. Here are a couple examples:

Utilize Mailchimp’s RSS-to-Email function, which automatically sends an email to the client’s mailing list whenever a new event/blog post/custom module item is published and detected in a specified RSS feed.

Utilize IFTT recipes to automatically post new event/blog post/custom module item detected in a specified RSS feed to a client’s social media profiles (or to a Buffer queue).

I hope this helps!


Just need to vote for it now in the BackLog @timrayl

Done! Thanks @peter.medbury

One addition to the request @Peter-Schmidt is to have “unlimited items populated in the RSS feed”. Currently the BC feeder only allows for 100 so I have clients having to manually populate an external xml feed each time they add a new item.

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@SiroccoDigital - Added :+1: