Secure Zone Login, remember last clicked url

When a customer clicks on a link from an email campaign or standard webpage that connects to a secure zone page or item (download), they’re currently required to log in or be logged in before seeing the page or item.

Currently the user will need to go back to the email campaign or webpage and click on the link again because they were not logged in to get to the url at the original source (email or webpage).

It would be beneficial to have a remember last click added to the secure zone log in.

You can do this already using the redirectURL input field and {{request.request_url.path}} - since a direct link to a secured page, while presenting the 401 Unauthorised system page, still maintains the desired secured page URL in the address bar. So we can use this to redirect the login form after submission.

So within your login form code, that’s on the 401 page, you’d have this:

<input type="hidden" name="redirectURL" value="{{request.request_url.path}}">

I’m not sure how this will work for secured files though as I haven’t tried it. If the URL is still in the address bar though it should work as well.

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Just tested a secure file and unfortunately the same technique doesn’t work as it physically redirects to a /401 path.

I tried a few other approaches and they didn’t work either.

So, perhaps if the system could store the file link in the {{request.request_data.referrer}} object, or behave in the same way as the secure page requests does, that would solve this use case I think - or help make it more consistent.

@Adam.Wilson It works! :smiley:

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