Setting images and css cache expiry time - Equivalent of HTAccess in Treepl?

Hi Guys,
I’ve been looking at thew docs and trying to figure out how to leverage browser caching as an equivalent to what I would normally do on an apache based CMS (a rewrite mod setting expiry dates).

Is there an equivalent for TreeplCMS? I can’t see a reference to anything like this.
Many thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!

Hi All,
Am I the only one with this issue around setting Cache times / durations?
Any ideas gratefully received

Hi @garrett.
We don’t have any controls for this on the admin side.
But perhaps it’s something support can customise for you… I’m not sure. Might be worth submitting a ticket for this one.

Thank you Adam.
I honestly don’t know how you find time to answer so many questions on here. But it is appreciated my many I’m sure!


Hi @garrett
There was an additional feature added to the 5.6 release named "Add browser Cache control headers "

It applies
Cache-Control: private, max-age=604800
header to all file requests to the site including css and images.

If you want to control the duration of the cache or add different duration to different file types then please create a public backlog request so we can estimate and schedule the improvement.

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Hi @vlad.z thanks for your response.
That sounds promising! How do we apply this? Or, will it start to be applied by default?
Many thanks

It’s already applied to the trial sites (v5.6.1) and it will be applied to live sites soon as well.