Slow Loading Trial Sites

It is very slow to load trial sites or login to trial sites and I just want to confirm what causes this.

I haven’t experienced this as yet, outside of the normal wait time for an idled site to spin back up:

Are you experiencing this more so?

@Adam.Wilson we are just getting the normal 20 second load time issue and when spidering trial sites find they are very slow with lots of timeout errors too. Just wanted to understand what causes this so I can explain to a customer that has queried it.

The trial sites spin down so they are not consuming expensive server resources that no one is paying for.
It’s also a mechanism to avoid trial site abuse and detrimental effects to other live/paying sites.

However, if you’ve accessed the site within 60mins you shouldn’t be seeing any load issues.
Maybe if you ensure the trial site has spun back up (by logging in or visiting the front-end) before spidering, does that make a difference?

Good idea Adam. I will give it a go and see if that makes a difference.

If you encounter any issues, please contact us and we’ll check this particular site.