Standardisation of Country Field

The system field for ‘Country’ is basically just a text field (when building a form and in the checkout shipping address fields) and the stored value of this field in the CMS is the full name of the country (or whatever is entered in that text field on the front-end).
However, the CRM UI in the admin has a dropdown for selecting the country, so this can conflict with the actual value entered and just isn’t a standards way of storing country data.

All system fields for country should be reworked to store country code instead (or store both code and display name) and this could all be based off the {% component type: "countries" %} component.
Which, by the way, is what’s used for shopping cart shipping options and it uses country codes for the value.

    <option value="AU">AUSTRALIA</option>

I feel this is an important part of storing country values in the CRM, especially if integration with other systems is needed (thinking about the upcoming Zapier integration) and being standards compliant.

This should also be considered a BC equivalent feature, because this is how BC collects and stores country values.

@Eugene do you think this should be a backlog up for votes, or an internal item?

What do others think? and have you encountered this issue?


I think this is an internal item and we’ll add it there.