Strange Bug in Module / Custom Module Item Output

Hey guys, this has been brought up a few times with my clients, and I’ve noticed this bug in this last sprint.

When updating a Custom Module Item, or sometimes in Content / Module Items, when you go checkout the front end site of the site you are working on, in the custom module item output list, it seems to disable all active items except for the item you were just working on. It will take about 3-4 minutes and a few browser refreshes for the other items to show up again. Sorry, a bit hard to explain, so I made a video to show you.

Again, I have had at least 4 clients ask me about this, and we have noticed this internally with a variety of sites. This started in this last sprint only.

@vlad.z let me know.


Tried to replicate this bug on one of my live pages but couldn’t. @A3CS is it only with trial sites? Or it might be restricted to the CA server. I will test on some more sites …

We will roll out an infrastructure hotpatch later this week, that will fix this issue.

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Thanks @vlad.z for the quick response.

Hey @TimL seems to be happening on Live and Trial Sites on both the CA and US Data Centres, well at least for me. Beta features are checked off.

Hi @vlad.z do you know when this Hotpatch will be fixed? Had a few more clients ask me about this today.

Hi @A3CS.
We’ve encountered with some bugs while testing the hot patch, so it will be released in the nearest few days (tomorrow in the best case scenario). Sorry for the delay.

Ok, no problem @vlad.z thanks.

The fix was deployed to all servers yesterday.

Thanks @vlad.z - cheers.