Targeting price in Product Attribute

I need to be able to have a price for an attribute but have the price hidden on the live site as it is going to be used for a quoting system.

Currently the output is something like -
< span class=“cms_fake_label”>Square $0.00< /span > OR
< option value=“16234894512508370946” data-attr_price=“0”>Blue $0.00< /option >

Any ideas how this could be accomplished using liquid?

Similar to your previous post, you could completely rebuild the attributes as you want them:

Or, just to alter one part of the default output, you could try capturing the output and them use Liquid filters on the variable:

{% capture attrbs %}{% component source: "Products", itemId: "{{this.Id}}", type: "item_attributes" %}{% endcapture %}
{{attrbs | remove: "$0.00"}}

The above would remove a zero $ price tag, or other known price… not sure how you’d target an unknown price though. Would have to give that some more thought…