Treehouse Meeting #10

Treehouse Meeting #10 happening soon:

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  • Recently released features
  • General discussion

The recording will be posted here.

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How do you develop Treepl sites?

  • Code editor mostly / sync files to Treepl
  • Code editor for some parts / Admin for others
  • Via admin mostly
  • Outsource

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Recording now posted:
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Topics Discussed:

Quick chat about upcoming eCommerce

New Tag, Category and Archive demo with the Blog module:

Poll Results: How do you develop Treepl sites?

End-user Training Videos.
Do you have a need for them? Would you like to see them as part of the Docs or Treehouse resources? What areas should they cover? Etc.

Flexibility and uses cases for the File API component:
Are you using it to build galleries? Have you built anything else with it or have any ideas for where it could be used?

Community contribution, onboarding kit and promoting Treepl to other BC partners:
If you can help out in any way to spread the word and/or help new partners get onboard, or encourage BC partners to look seriously at treepl let’s discuss it. The growth of Treepl benefits us all.

In particular, getting more feedback and contributions for the Onboard Kit will be of great help.

Treehouse members can access more on this discussion here:

On that note; please sign-up to Treehouse if you’d like to join in on various discussions and/or help out in any way:

ImageProcessor extra features available
(as used by the image tools in the WYSIWYG editor)

Quick discussion about Multi-factor Authentication.

Blog Module use cases and possible limitations.
See also discussion here:
Categories Sorting Order and Rearranging and Blog Post Default Template

Quick chat about release 4.9
(Advanced URL Manager, Domain Verification, Custom Table compatibility in Edge, System Emails available via FTP)

After Recording:
There is always some good discussion happening after we stop recording so please try to attend live if possible so you don’t miss out and can add to the conversation :slight_smile:


Good Meeting folks. Some really juicy topics in there. I’m sorry I missed it. It was a busy week and I just didn’t see the reminder anywhere. I never subscribe to email lists but I feel like if I could get a notification in my inbox for this meeting I would subscribe.

So excited about the tag and category filters. I spend all too much time writing custom filters with liquid.

Re @Adam.Wilson site template. I want this %100. More than anything I want to see all the things you are doing. Every time you drop a code snipped I’m always impressed. Thanks for being so generous with that @Adam.Wilson

re tutorial videos for end users My basic bases that I cover:
• How to login to the admin interface of your website
• How to make basic text edits to webpages (nICE and WYSWYG)
When the nice editor is appropriate. How to navigate, add styling update links.
WYSIWYG: I go over all the tools and warn to avoid styling tools generally.
• How to update SEO title and description
• How to upload images/files
What is a module
• How update/add/edit modules
• How to update workflows to determine who will receive email notification
• How to add/edit admin users

There are more topics that I’ll go into for specific users, but I’ll cover at least these with most users.

re File API I have lots of sites that clients have lots of images of documents that they upload. I will definitely use this feature I just haven’t built one since this feature has been release. I’ve mostly been building pamphlet sites.

@Adam.Wilson re adding the mock ups to the site via file upload. This is exactly what we mostly do. I’d love to see your example of how you’re doing this.

re. Image filters. Thanks for the tip. Funny I’ve demo’d this to clients and it didn’t twig that I could access all of those. I’ve just been using CSS filters, but this image processor probably more backwards compatible (I always need to use a JS fallback for older browsers). Thanks for the reminder :+1:

re Blog. We’re just using a custom module. Are there any advantages to using the blog module?

@Adam.Wilson I love your idea of having custom pages in the admin. :100: That’s fantastic. Let’s get that in the backlog. It wouldn’t be a common use case for us. But the problems that it would solve would be big ones, that previously required replicated back end functionality in the front end. Come to think of it there would be lots of use cases. I could integrate training documentation right into the admin. That would be great.

re System emails. Is anybody doing any customization beyond styling on these? I’ve been pretty lazy with this actually and it tends to be the last thing I do and sometimes doesn’t get done beyond just making sure it works.

Thanks for your detailed response @Alex_B_Centrifuge.

I’ll look at getting my framework ready for distribution. Might be a little way off though considering all the other tasks needing attention :slight_smile:

End-user Training Videos:
That all sounds great.
Any thoughts on the best way such a resource might be delivered?

Design Mockups with File API:
I might demo this at the next Treehouse meetup.

System Email:
I have a template I use for auto-responders and workflow notifications, but yeah, I’m pretty lazy with all the others. But definitely want to customise and standardise all these in my framework.
I hate building emails :woozy_face:

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Just wrote up the “Front-end pages in the Admin” functionality for the backlog:
Front-end pages Loaded into Admin area (AKA Faux Admin Apps)

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Adam, re: File API, when you get a momnet, can you please point me in the direction for the documentation on the File API?

So say we all.

Thanks @Adam.Wilson re other answers :+1:

re Any thoughts on the best way such a resource might be delivered?
For a start I think it makes sense to have it on the onboarding page on the treehouse site. That is if it’s of acceptable qualtity. It might be nice to have a getting started section on the forum with some pinned (is that possible ?) posts at the top. Maybe even in the docs? Just all the places somebody might go to look for help off the bat. I might even post it on the facebook page to see if it would help anybody make a decision about treepl.

@Alex_B_Centrifuge, as these are end-user training videos I was thinking they’d be best delivered in a none branded way and not associated with anything Treepl as such (especially for the white-labeled folk).
More like a playlist widget that a Partner could add to their own support page (or in the Admin if we had external admin pages).
I think that’s how the BC one’s were done weren’t they? or they where downloadable and installed on your own site in a playlist plugin?

Or I guess we could do both; display them in the Docs AND as a seperate, standalone ‘widget’.

Definitely like the idea of posting on Facebook to get some attention too.

@Adam.Wilson I think we’re talking about slightly different things. I’m talking about an onboarding video for treepl partners/front end devs to get a tour around treepl for familiarity purposes.

For white labled end-user/client training videos I agree that they should be provided in an unbranded fashion. A generic youtube/video playlist that could be embedded. Or a whitelabled site that just has client training material. I like your ideas of having the ability to embed them somehow in the admin as a plugin. I think we’re really getting into the customiziable/front end pages in the admin feature there. So it would be dependent on that being developed first.

Ah, yes ok. I was referring to end-user/client videos.

Partner intro videos would be a Treehouse onboarding thing for sure.
Although there will also be video walk-throughs in the Docs (which may well be the same or very similar things). Much like what I’ve already started here:

@A3CS, just pushed the File API documentation live (just for you :slightly_smiling_face:):

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Thanks @Adam.Wilson!

Yes very much like that.:slight_smile:

Just had a quick look at the URL Manager.
Not Extensive testing, just testing the basics, and it seems to do what I require.

I am able to set the Base URL of Custom Modules exactly as I want it:


Custom Module ‘Items’ URL work correctly as children:


I can make a Page Folder with content at both the ‘/comics’ and ‘/comics/marvel’ URLs without it being blocked or appending a -1 suffix to the URL.

So yeah, I’m really, really happy about this. Its been preventing me migrating for over a year.

What were the bugs you were seeing Adam?
Perhaps any bugs have been fixed since Treehouse Meeting #10?

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Hi @Reagan_Vautier. I think it must be the v4.10 rollout that’s just happened/ing that has fixed the bugs.
Basically, any customised URL for me where resulting in 404’s.

Aaah yes I see the same issue. The Custom Module Items detail pages are 404 - This is on 4.10 too :pensive:

Has this been brought to the devs attention?

Yes. I was advised the fix would come in the next release - but I’m assuming that’s the next scheduled release from the “In Process” page (ie: eCommerce)
Which will probably be v5.0.

As you have pointed out, it all looks to look and works great from the admin side of things, but just doesn’t resolve on the front-end.

It should have been fixed now. Please check. Also, please note that we integrated new database for advanced URL’s. When you enable “Advanced URL” feature, this will transfer all of your existing URL’s from old database to new advanced URL database. Therefore, if you decide to uncheck the “Advanced URL” you may experience backward compatibility issues with URL’s with a format that is not compatible with old URL manager (i.e multi-slug URL in module settings).