Treepl template template fix please - logo not showing -

Hi Does anyone know how I can get my logo to show up on this Treepl free template
I have uploaded my logo and called it the same as their logo - but neither their logo or my logo will show on the template. It doesnt seem to be working on the original master template either.

Thank you

Hi @Dawn. Could you please provide a link to your trial site and a screenshot showing your new logo in the file manager?

Hi Adam

Thank you for looking at this so quckly for me. Please find attached a couple of screen grabs showing the logo location and also the site settings

this is the test site

Hi @Dawn. Looks like the logo is showing now.
If you still see the old one it’s likely a cache issue, so clear the cache for that site (or crtl/command + shift + R to hard refresh the page).

ooh no, how embarrassing - what a rookie error, I alwasy forget about the cache. Whoopsy!
Thank you so much for taking the time out of your weekend to look at this.
thank you Adam you are a superstar once again.
Dawn x

HI Adam

Sorry to trouble you again about this, but we are unable to get the header logo to view in Firefox web browser - have tried on a few different machines. It views Ok in Cchrome and Safari. Please can I check if you are able to see the logo in Firefox (is it me again!!)
thank you

Hi @Dawn :slight_smile:
Looks like a CSS cross-browser issue as Firefox is collapsing the <a> element and so your logo image is scaling down to 0x0.
One possible solution is to add display: contents; to your CSS for that <a> element, like this:
Seems to fix it.
Otherwise add a min-width size to the logo image perhaps.