URL Management - Game Changer!

Ok, just going to say it… AWESOME!!! The URL Management is a game changer for me… stoked it is available. Thanks Treepl Team! Keep up the great work!

It’s the little things… that make this platform so great


Its very promising from what I have seen.
For me the celebrations will begin - once it stops throwing 404s.

It shouldn’t be throwing 404’s… sure you know this already it is not available on live sites yet. And, from what I can see the 3rd level is not available yet. I am just using 1st level and 2nd level (parent and child) only right now and all is working fine.

Are you talking about levels of multi-slug in Custom Modules?

Problems with URLM I have found are outlined in Treehouse Meeting #10

No, my success with it is:

  1. Create a Custom Module called ‘Programs’. Custom Module URL /programs.
  2. Create a Page called /programs (no issue, and it is not appending with a -1 - i.e. /programs-1)
  3. So, I have a parent item: /programs and all child items (on Custom Modules) will be /programs/item-1, etc.
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Try creating the custom module ‘items’, then test the rendered pages at all levels.

Hmm… not seeing any issues. Just created a Custom Module item called - Youth. So URL is /programs/youth and it is rendering fine (no 404).

If you are having issues it might be the name ‘items’ that is the issue, as I know the system reserves some URL for system items.

Happy to jump on a Zoom meeting if you want to discuss further. Or maybe I am completely missing the mark here (sorry, I’m old and and dumb sometimes - lol)