Using duplicate site as backup

Is it acceptable to simply duplicate one’s site to another data centre to create backups?
This seems like a fast and easy way to create cloud backups.

The only issue I can think of in doing this is that there are limited number of trial sites you can have (depending on Partner plan).

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Great, thanks for pointing out the limit on trial sites.

I’d also need to remove indexibility (potential duplicate content) and comment out analytics tracking code from copied site.

On a slight tangent, perhaps in the future the Treepl team could use their multiple datacentres to give us the option of a CDN? i.e. Sites would be loaded from the data centre closest to and/or fastest for the client?

Regarding indexability; trial sites automatically add <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow"> regardless of page/item settings, so that should help there.