Visitor numbers dropped since moving website from BC to Treepl

We have transferrred this website ( from Business Catalyst to Treepl a couple of weeks ago.
The Google Analytics on the Treepl site, shows visitor numbers have dropped dramatically since we switched (from c.1200-1500 pw to c.200) - which if correct would obviously be catastrophic.
Am I comparing like with like, and, if so, how can we establish what is causing this and fix it?
Any advice plese gratefully received.
thank you

Are you basing this on BC’s analytics or did you have GA installed while on BC?
Because BC’s stats weren’t that accurate.

Just BC weekly stats that got sent direct to the client - yikes, I had no idea they were that wrong, I need to break that to the client, that is a huge difference (from c.1200-1500 pw to c.200) is there any reason why BC stast were so overinflated?

I don’t know the details, but I think BC stats didn’t filter out any sort of bots crawling the site, where as GA is a lot smarter in detecting ‘real’ traffic. So these days, bots probably account for a lot :slight_smile:
@SiroccoDigital might be able to shed more light on this.


In Google Analytics if you go into an accounts ‘Admin’, under the ‘View’ column > ‘View Settings’ there is a checkbox for Bot Filtering that says ‘Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders’. If this is checked it will significantly change your results compared to what Adobe showed and be much more accurate.


Thank you that is really useful infomation - I will check it out to see what difference it makes.