Web App items requiring Approval

Is there the ability to setup a Web App and have items submitted by secure zone members to be sent for approval to an admin? This is functionality I need for a new site and need to make sure we can make this happen. I just can’t seem to see this in the web app item properties section?

@SiroccoDigital Do you mean like this?

This does the same thing in as BC, submitted items go to admin in an disabled state until its enabled by an admin user.


@James yes I have found it! Was looking at a Business Plan site but of course Secure Zones are only in Pro! Thanks again.

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You will have to consider that this only works for creating items at the moment. When a user edits items, which would need approval, there’s no workflow notification and edits get published instantly even if “needs approval” is on. See here: Customer submitted content: No workflow notification triggered when items are edited

Thanks for confirming @TimL