Workflow Notification - Small tweak that might be useful to others :)

Hi Guys

This is not advanced, but wanted to share it since it helped my client.

So a client contacted me and would like to be able to reply “directly” on the workflow notifications he receives from the contact form on the website.

If he hit reply in the mail, he would reply to the “from email” and he would like to reply to the client that submitted the form. He could press the clients email in the form, but that would leave him with a blank mail, and he would like to include the comments etc. the user had put in the form.

Initially I thought that I would be able to use something like
“{{}}” in the “from” field in the workflow notification, but for now this only accepts “hardcoded” emails.

I thought I couldn’t solve this, but I found a small workaround. Instead I added a link in the workflow notification that says “Reply to client” with the email and comment in for the email, like so:

<a href="mailto:{{}}?subject=WHATEVER SUBJECET YOU WOULD LIKE&body={{this.formSubmissionData.fields.custom.comment.value}}">Reply to user</a>

So when the client press this it will open a new email, with the subject you choose. The “to” email will be the one from the workflow and the content of the email will be whatever the user put in the “comment” field when they submitted the form.

I guess this will not work if the client uses some sort of web-based email client, it would need to be a email client for this to work. Only tested in OSX Mail.

Hope someone finds it helpful :slight_smile:


Great tip @Peter-Schmidt Thanks

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This is exactly what I need for one of my clients in particular because they often just hit reply and their email goes to me instead of the person who submitted the form. Thanks @Peter-Schmidt

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Thanks Peter - that will be very useful

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