Ability to assign documents to a secure zone

Ability to make documents such as PDFs and Word docs secure by assigning them to a secure zone. And/or the ability to assign a folder and all the documents in it to a secure zone so that no one can access or download the document unless they are logged into the secure zone.


Hello Hopestew. Add this to a public backlog, and we will review it.

100% agree that this functionality is required as it is currently available on BC and many of my clients utilise this.


Added here: https://treepl.co/public-backlog-state/request/ability-to-assign-documents-to-a-secure-zone

Thanks @Peter-Schmidt

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Agree, need this for quite a few clients currently on BC

Yup, totally need this right now!

Has there been any update on when we will have secured documents?

Only has a couple of Partner Votes in the Backlog. A few votes more might push it up the list.

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Is there any update on this feature? We’ve been waiting a while, 7 votes in for the request.

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We’re planning to add these after ecommerce, unless it’s more important for majority of partners?

One of my votes is for assigning docs to a secure zone but I can wait until after ecommerce.

Ya, @alex we really, really need this one…

@alex this is a must-have feature for me to have in order to migrate from BC. I run a membership site and members in the secure zones only have access to certain documents (usuall .pdfs).
Thank you!

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@alison @A3CS
Initial estimate from our devs to develop this feature is 5 business days only. As you know all of our devs are engaged with finishing ecommerce at the moment, so you can totally expect this to be delivered in January.