Ability to bulk subscribe CRM customers to Mailchimp

Add this to the CRM upload file so we can enable/disable customers from mailing lists that are connected to the site. That way CRM customers can be subscribed or unsubscribed in bulk to Mailchimp.

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@SiroccoDigital - Added here: Ability to bulk subscribe CRM customers to Mailchimp

Please let me know if you have any comments :slight_smile:

Hi again @SiroccoDigital :slight_smile:
Will this request solve your problem? :slight_smile:


@Peter-Schmidt that’s great but can we also include “being able to opt-in or opt-our customers via the CRM import file” which would have more control over being able to control subscribers.

Sure @SiroccoDigital - In the newly added request or to the existing one that already have votes and then delete the newly added one? :slight_smile:

Sorry @Peter-Schmidt I seemed to miss this reply. Yes I think adding it to the existing item would be ideal as it has more chance of getting put into production.

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No worries @SiroccoDigital :slight_smile:
I have added it to the existing one and disabled the other so we can focus on the request that has votes :slight_smile: