Ability to hide unused fields in admin -> module -> item view

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could hide any default fields from the item view in a module. All those extra fields are just cluttering up the view and making it hard for clients and editors to focus on what they need to populate.

Here is an example. All of these fields could be hidden, and when the client goes to make a new module item all they see is the fields they need to interact with.

My suggestion would be to have an extra tab in the settings and have something similar to the admin menu configurator. Where we could show an hide any field including system fields. That being said, if a UX designer has an idea for a better flow, I’m open to it.

I’d love to get feedback from partners on this idea. Maybe I missed something?

edit: update for all modules, not just custom modules.


That’s a fanatstic idea! I always have these moments in training when I have to explain the client that they have to ignore some fields for “technical reasons”. Especially as we are tailoring the menu and module columns to their needs. I would really like to do the same for the item view.

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This would be a nice and simple way of customising the admin without losing the integrity and familiarity of the admin.
But let’s not limit this to Custom Modules. I think all modules could benefit from this.


I updated the request to include all modules. Good catch @Adam.Wilson

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Great idea @Alex_B_Centrifuge.
I have been thinking about a way to edit the user experience in the modules for a long time so thanks for bringing this up. Would be great with a way to edit/hide fields that are not relevant.

In the past I have dreamt about the ability to have a way to build the custom modules in the backend just like you would in the frontend, so you really didn’t have any limits. I know this is an entire different setup but would be SO cool :slight_smile:

Thanks for adding this @Alex_B_Centrifuge - Quite sure we can come up with some pretty cool features for this. Will add it to the backlog soon :slight_smile:

Added here: Ability to hide unused fields in admin -> module -> item view