Ability to resize images in File Manager

We would like to be able to resize images in File Manager with the option to save image as copy or to overwrite the file.

+1000… but from what I can see from a previous post from Eugene from Treepl (hopefully I got this right), that there is a pretty fantastic image editor coming down the pipeline in the near future (ability to crop, re-size, edit, lighten, contrast, filters, etc.).


In a previous post, I talked about the image editor in the WYSIWYG, which will only adjust the image display, without saving to a new file.

But adding image editing to the file manager with the ability to save to a new file is a great idea.


Add this to the public backlog and we’ll do it in one of the next sprints.

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Anybody else got ideas on what would be cool features for editing images?
We can gather all the ideas and then add it to the backlog? :slight_smile:

I think, for reference, Canva have all the basics covered in their Filters and Cropping tools:
But I wouldn’t want to give my client access to the design type of tools.

What if instead there was an interface for building out the URL parameters for the already implemented ImageProcessor as it could display images in all sorts of sizes, cropping styles, filters, rotations, etc…
(assuming the rest of the ImageProcessor feature would be implemented)

Like the Component Manager works, it could provide the options UI then generate the image URL with parameters to copy/paste rather than actually processing and saving images.

This way, original images remain and no copies are created - as client always mess this up and create image_new, image_new_new, image_old1, image_new_old2, etc… :slight_smile:


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It is possible to implement two functions: for a WYSIWYG (the ImageProcessor) with generate the image URL and for the File Manager with the ability to save all changes in a new file.

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Hi Eugene
I had some problems with the auto-rotate functionality already implemented. Did you guys get a chance to look at this from the mail i send to support? Let me know if you want further details :slight_smile:

Hi Peter,
Did you use an image with Exif data? Can you please send this image?

Will send you the entire case on Slack :slight_smile: