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GoDaddy TXT Record (re: ‘fully qualified’ name) -
For my first site going live, I had a little trouble getting the TXT record right on GoDaddy. First, I used the fully qualified Host name (waited 4+ hours with no luck). Then, after re-reading the Treepl Documentation NOTE I removed the domain, using “_acme-challenge” as pictured in the Documentation, except I used it for both records. Waited another 2+ hours before finally contacting Treepl Support. The first TXT record needed the shorted name with “.www” like “_acme-challenge.www”, which seems painfully obvious at this point, thank you Support for confirming for me. I think the single screen shot in the Documentation got me.

Once I finally entered both TXT Host names right, it only took about 30min to get past Step 5. Updating the “A record” in Step 6 was super quick… it’s nice to have my first Treepl site live!

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