Accessibility Features for ADA Compliance

Accessibility is becoming a thing, lawsuits are rising (especially here in California). I spoke with another design firm recently who specializes in creating WCAG & ADA compliant sites - which are not overlays like accessiBe but hard coded instead - and can’t help but wonder if the TREEPL platform could somehow do the same with the templates and/or offer upgrades or options for this in some respect?

Would love to see something like this transpire at some point. It’s not going to go away.

Hi Linne
Thanks for posting and you are absolutely right; It is not going to go away. I needed to check the ADA compliance since we have a similar in Europe and they seem fairly similar.

As I see it a lot of the things that need to be done is “manually” and very site specific and therefor hard to implement in specific template. Something like adding “alt” tags, descriptive anchor text on links, accessible PDF files, proper heading tags etc. is a lot of manual work.

I am sure you know much more about it, but I guess we need to split it up in two groups of what Treepl can do and what the partner needs to do themselves. Then I can add it to the public backlog for voting :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your post :slight_smile: