Account pages for an eCommerce

Is it possible to create or setup user account when checkout to manage the user profile?

Is there any way from where user can login/register and manage their profiles, orders etc?

Hi @Priyank_Patel. Welcome to the forum!

Yes, component modules for listing orders and cases are now available and will be added to the documentation this week.

Logged in users can update their details via the Update Account Form found under the ‘Secure Zone’ section of the component Manager:

You could have a separate register/login form or perhaps you can add the registration/password fields to the checkout form to do this at time of checkout (although I haven’t tested this).

Also, here’s a link to the Secure Zone documentation:


Great, Thanks for the reply!

Also, is there any way to show the user acount details as a profile page?

I will try it to test and let you know if it will work.

Adam, I look forward to documentation on that. I wonder, with orders, will it show credits like Gift Vouchers and maybe even balances if say only part of a gift voucher was used on a purchase?

Documentation now added for various eCommerce related components, including: