Account Suspension

I just tried a “soft suspension” for the first time on a site.

The message that comes up shows to all visitors - which is a bit rude for a soft suspension - I believe this should only show when attempting to log in or maybe there should be an " admin suspension " option first?

What do others think?

You should be able to change the content here:

So in the account suspension page , select the content tab.

Thanks James, I saw that.

I meant that for us to publicly announce that somethings wrong on the clients website is in my opinion ‘poor form’

Rather I would penalise the customer for non/late payment than their customers also.

Does anyone have a message that they think is kinder / more appropriate that they don’t mind sharing?

@Neido If you’d like to lock the client out of the site as a suspension measure, you could just remove them as admins and send them an email with the relevant information.