Add ability to get file's URL in file manager

Problem: It’s hard for users to get file URLs from the file manager.
Proposed solution:
Add a new menu item, “Copy URL”, under file actions dropdown that allows a user to copy the file’s url. Here:

It would also be nice if the file name was linked to the file location in list (non-tree) view, or if there was a preview action in the file actions that opened the file’s url in a new tab.

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Hi @Alex_B_Centrifuge

It is a great idea. We will do this in one of the next sprints.

@Peter-Schmidt please add this in the public backlog.


Sure thing @Eugene and @Alex_B_Centrifuge :+1:
Added here:

@Alex_B_Centrifuge (and anyone else), what would you expect the file URL to be copied as, the full absolute path (using primary domain), or just the relative directory path?

Personally, I’d use this for internal/admin use (for content management) so would typically want a relative path.
Then, use the “Preview in a new tab” function if I wanted the absolute link and copy the browser address from there.


@Adam.Wilson I agree that a relative path would be more useful.

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Voting for relative also

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FYI, this has been released with yesterday’s rollout: