Add "/Layouts/[layout set]" to menu layouts breadcrumb

When editing menu layouts it is common to move back and forth between the various menu layouts. Currently if you want to move to a different layout and you click the layouts tab or “Menus” in the breadcrumb you are take to to high a level and you have to navigate back into the menu layouts and layout set. It would be nice if the layout set was in the breadcrumb so you could just go one level up.

For example, if you are viewing a menu layout then the breadcrumb would be:

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Yep. I’ve often had the same thought. Breadcrumbs here would be great!
Either that, or just have all three layout sections editable on the one screen (straight after clicking into a group) - editing and saving all three layouts at once. But maybe that’s a bit clumsy and problematic?

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Having them all on one screen was my first intuition as well. I’m always editing them as a group.

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Please add it to the public backlog and we will think how best to solve this problem.

You can access these Via FTP… Using an IDE solves this :slight_smile:

@James Yes you’re right.
I end up using the ACE editor quite a bit because, you know, it’s not bad. Especially when I’m doing quick edits, I don’t always pop open my local editor.

I guess it begs the question, what is the ultimate goal of the Admin interface. I’m a kaizen aficionado, always wanting to improve and optimize everything. Should the focus be on making the admin interface be best UX for end clients, or should we be also trying to improve the UX for partners? Is the goal to allow partners to ditch their local editors and just use the admin interface for writing html/CSS/JS?

These are questions that I don’t have ready answers to. If I were to propose a strategy it would be to prioritize UI/UX improvements to the admin interface that benefit end clients the most.

That being said, can we have both?

As a developer, the answer will always be a resounding no to this. I don’t mean to be inflammatory at all. However the tools you get, that come with Local editors, that you will never get in a client facing cms are tools that are necessary to build websites and be great at it.

SASS, Gulp, Validation, linting… Just to name a few. You should always use a config that works best for you. You can’t have a 1 size fits all solution as everyone has different workflows to everyone else.
So I don’t think that that would be an end goal here.

On the flip side of this I absolutely think the Material UI needs an overhaul / readability pass, however that is an post for another time when i have the time to write it :slight_smile:

Hey @James Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

Never taken as inflammatory :slight_smile:

Good points all around.