Add Password Reset links into key emails or pages as a Liquid Component

Please add the ability to add password reset link into specific emails or to embed as Liquid Component onto specific pages.

Use case is: need to provide user with a password reset in:

1/ Secure Zone email confirmation
2/ Secure Zone payment confirmation page
3/ Secure Zone login details (an alternate version of this where the user wants password reminder)
4/ Mailchimp password setup on first invite to secure zone using a Mailchimp campaign. We need to invite 40 people to a secure zone site and need to send ALL the brand new users a password set link in one go.

Currently only one system email on the system allows for this functionality. The link itself, as a component, should be available to embed in any number of scenarios.

@FractalCreative do you mean the ‘confirm your email address’ link (after a user subscribes to a secure zone)?
You can add the password reset form to any page and a link to a reset password form in any email.

No not the form, the actual link. It doesn’t seem to work outside of the specific system email dedicated to ‘Password reminder’