Add Treepl's Recaptcha to a 3rd Party Form


I am currently setting up a site that needs to use a third party form for leads. So this form won’t be using the forms built in with Treepl. Unfortunately this form does not provide its own captcha and has been getting hit with spam.

Their customer service advised that I install reCaptcha to the form. Since the basic install of reCaptcha has me implementing server side code which I don’t think is possible with Treepl is there anyway I can possibly use Treepl’s built in reCaptcha and tie it to this third party form?

Hi @James-WSI
I’m pretty sure this is not possible but I’d be interested in the dev team’s response on this @vlad.z?

Hi @James-WSI and @Adam.Wilson
ReCaptcha validation needs to be implemented on the 3rd party server side in order to work with 3rd party form. It’s the concept of the reCaptcha implementation basically and could not be changed so the validation will be on the Treepl part and form submission behavior on a 3rd party server…

The only thing that needs to be done on the Treepl part is including a script tag for reCaptcha with site key generated for 3rd party server into the section of the page. It will generate reCaptcha response code that will be verified on server side using secret key that generated with site key.