Admin Menu Configurator Confusion

I am confused on what the purpose is of the “Admin Menu Configurator” is and how to use.

Let me start by saying Treepl really needs to hire someone to get the all documents up to date especially if they are aiming for non BC users to ever start using Treepl, like they just mentioned. Adam has done a great job updating some areas, but I am sure he only has so much time he can dedicate to this.

Now my question, what is the purpose of the Admin Menu Configurator, if I make changes to it and save it, all it does is take away that power from the original side bar menu and creates a custom menu. But then I don’t have an option to use either menu (all it does is save and overwrite) using the admin configurator so I don’t see the purpose. Again without any written documentation it is hard to determine if I should be changing things here or in the roles section.

Hi @JFK. Its purpose is to customise the admin menu (add additional links, restructure where modules are in the menu, remove unused items, etc…) so in making the admin experience more tailored to that particular site and client use case.
It’s currently a global change for all admin users.

TIP: use the ‘Copy Menu’ button at the top first to duplicate the menu config, then customise it from there.

Admin ‘Roles’ on the other hand actually lock selected admin users out of areas and certain functionality (which also, in turn, can affect the menu for that user).

As a side note; I will be ramping up documentation output very soon. Treehouse took up a lot of my focus this month :slight_smile:

Just a note to the Treepl devs… I noticed this whilst testing it just now.

The delete custom menu icon, I think should be on the custom menu side to avoid confusion :slight_smile:

And possibly have a button label to match the Copy Menu button.

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Thanks @Adam.Wilson for response. So it appears you can only have one admin menu for everyone including Treepl Partner? Which means even Treepl partners will only see the reconfigured menu, is that correct? Is there a way Treepl partners see the full menu and my client only sees the newly configured menu? And if not what happens if I hide/don’t hide the menu configurator. If I hide it I won’t be able to change things later, and if I don’t hide it then the website owner could figure out how to bring things back. Or I guess you would also have to create roles that don’t have access to the admin menu configurator. Am I missing something here?

Correct, to hide the Menu Configurator settings from the client you would create an admin role for them and disable it there (leaving you with access to it).

I would think of the Menu Configurator as a way of enhancing and/or reorganising the admin menu, rather than a tool for restricting access - that’s where Roles come in.

But yes, it would be a good feature to have custom menu configs for each Role.
Something for the backlog perhaps?

Your following statement makes the Admin Menu Configurator make more sense. Thanks for explaining it that way…

“I would think of the Menu Configurator as a way of enhancing and/or reorganising the admin menu, rather than a tool for restricting access - that’s where Roles come in.”

Personally, in my opinion, the Menu Configurator opens a can of worms as it makes training material and documentation inconsistent.
Plus, with every new feature added, you need to go back to individual sites and adjust the menu config if you want those new features to show up in the menu. It could become a hard thing to manage… depending how you use it.

Really great points Adam, Its also the reason we disabled the old BC admin menu app when we took over site transfers back in the day on BC and reverted to a common menu. Saves a lot of confusion on both parties.