Admin UI Fixed Header

My index finger gets a workout scrolling up and down the page. I always have multiple windows open so I find myself scrolling up and down because I can’t tell what page I am on from the URL and my tab is too small to display the name. I just see Edit across the top. I know close some tabs.

The fixed black menu bar at the top of the page is wasted space we could use. Below is a mock-up. Move what is in the black bar and put it on top of the side menu. It can still be fixed at the top. While I am here the “Home” menu to me is more of a “View Site” The “Rebuild Index” can be moved to the “Gear” menu.

I have tinted what I think should be fixed to the top as it relates to the page. Being able to access this content without scrolling up and down would be a time saver and my finger would like it too.

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