Advice on a joint business with 2 brands

Hey all, I was wondering if I could get some advice from you guys.

I have a client with a website and business
They are in the process of purchasing another business and rebranding as

companybrand2 is basically a service for companybrand1, run by the same staff but setup as a separate company. So I don’t think a subdomain would not work? example

What are my best options for this?
Setting up as a completely seperate website with its own domain and link all the marketing,SEO stuff between them?

Also with the website being purchased if it has a decient amount of traffic would I be best to redirect most of it to the new website for SEO?

Was trying to avoid having them pay for 2 websites but…

Would really love your thoughts on this.

Thanks guys

In my experience, attempting to have 2 business entities share one hosting account never works. It’s too messy as there is no clean way to segregate all the CMS content and data; such as analytics, contacts, cases, admins/roles, the sitemap.xml and system settings, and of course, domains added are mapped to all pages and items so both domains could resolve either entities pages/items.

If is being replaced by then yes, you would try to maintain any traffic from the old domain.
I would keep that domain connected to the new site indefinitely with a domain redirect set up.


Have to agree with Adam. Saving the client hosting costs…never works out. It’s messy, plus and ends up creating duplicate content on domains. While Google doesn’t care about duplicate content apparently, but Google will prioritize the page(s) that it sees as more important/valuable. If a client wants to venture down the path of multiple domains, get them to do something good with them, no trickery for the sake of saving costs. Make each domain a separate site. Do good stuff, make real sites that represent the domain and business, write top content that people attracts clicks, make the site(s) helpful and unique. Otherwise park the domains behind the primary domain.


Thanks Adam.

Just say I was too close would you still keep the redirects there?

As I had google search console screaming at me about redirects and I couldn’t work it out.

I’m no SEO expert, but my understanding is that if you want to try and capture the previous business’s traffic for the newly branded site (or even just to avoid confusion during the changeover), then you would have to have the redirects in place.
I would think doing this for at least some transition period would be desirable.

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Thanks Megan.

Your right sounds like the best way to go.