Allow Clients Email Account Managment Access

At the moment Email accounts can only be managed via our Portal.
Whenever a client needs a new email address or an address needs to be deleted we need to do it for them.
It would be much simpler to allow clients with Admin access to be able to manage their own emails from their desktop.


Is this what you mean… Treepl Portal

If so, you can vote for this feature

Hi Guys.

Thanks for the link @garrett - From what I understand it seems like @Lyn wants the admins to have the ability to add/edit emails, password etc. The current public backlog item is just the ability for the user to trigger the “reset password” email, but it could be a joined backlog item since they are very alike and I guess the full “integration” would cover all of the features.

@Lyn - Will you please write it up as you want and I will add it to the public backlog asap, so partners can vote for it.

The interesting with this request is that it also shoes how different out clients is. I have never had clients that wanted to edit/add emails themselves, so actually never really thought about this. It could be a cool feature, but not sure I would have any clients that would use it :slight_smile:


This is a must have feature as far as our clients are concerned. Where can I vote for this, has someone posted it yet?

@jobijo - What part of it is a must have? The “reset password” part, or the possibility for the client to edit and add emails etc.?

You can vote for the “reset password” in the link in @garrett’s post, for the other request I am waiting for a write-up from @Lyn before I can add it :slight_smile:

To expand on this.
My suggestion is regarding the Email Integration function.
At the moment it is only accessible by partners.

The process I am suggesting is:

  1. A Partner sets up the base email integration for a site.
  2. Once the email integration is added, the ability to add or edit email addresses becomes accessible by our clients, with admin access, so they can do this themselves. This would also include the ability for the client to reset passwords.

My reason for this is that I have clients with multiple email addresses, two have 50 and 70 addresses respectively. These require constant updating. In one case it is a Retirement Living housing project where each unit on the estate has their own personal email address with the estates email URL. As units are bought & sold, the addresses need to be changed. We were doing this on BC and the client was used to managing it himself on BC, but is annoyed he can’t on Treepl.

It is a reasonably small but important feature that didn’t come across from BC.

I asked about this a little while ago client accessing emails

Same as BC use to be where the emails were on their portal when they logged in. They would create an email, it would send them a setup email and they would be on their merry way.

The way it is now you have to deal with their passwords.

@Peter-Schmidt How do you send your clients the password once setup?

Hi @Lyn and @luke

To be perfectly honest I already forgot so much about BC, including that admin actually had the ability to do this. I don’t think any of our clients have done it themselves, maybe that is why I already forgot :grimacing:

Regarding the password @luke, I would ask the client if they would like me to set it up with their “own” password, otherwise I will just do something simple for them, so they can login to the webmail and change it :slight_smile:

I totally see why the administration is a good idea and especially since we might all have clients that has been used to controlling this themselves in BC.

I will use the text from @Lyn and get this in the backlog asap :slight_smile:

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Added here: Allow Clients Email Account Management Access :+1:

– Let me know if you have anything to add :slight_smile:

Hi Peter
Thanks for that.