Analytics Stats don't update but graphs do on changing time period

My client’s site shows the Google Analytics results and by default everything shows results for previous 7 days.

If on the Audience Overview I change the time period to last 30 days, the graph refreshes with new results but the stats at the top still show the last 7 day results.

I have the same issue with the “How aer yur active users trending over time” widget.

Is this just me with incorrectly configured widgets, a Google shortcoming or Treepl?

Greg Tomkins

I see the same thing @TopLeftDesigns.
I assume this is at Treepl’s end?
Additionally, it would be good to have all widgets update to the same time period when one is changed, or a separate ‘global’ time selector to change all of them at once.

Issue on this as well:

Have been trying to get the analytics to appear on the site dash for several weeks. Tried setting and resetting analytics settings. I am getting proper tracking when I view through Google Analytics Suite.

Hello @Adam.Wilson and @TopLeftDesigns.

Each Google Analytics chart is configured separately. This is done in order to minimize the number of requests to the Google Analytics API, because the number of free requests is limited. But we can add a drop down to manage the time period for all charts.

@Peter-Schmidt , please add this to the public backlog.

Thanks @Eugene.
I hijacked this post a little which may have masked the original issue posted by @TopLeftDesigns:

Just wanted to highlight that again if missed.

I will fix this in the current sprint.