API Access - open up the API

BC Equivalent Feature - not sure on completeness.

Opening up the API for authorised access to site data would really enhance the already excellent functions available within each site. It could allow access to site data for external software, programs and other websites and I believe would increase the appeal of the platform.

@alex has advised they would split this request into phases hence I am going to list the options below - feel free to add if I’ve missed any:

Custom Modules


@twrsj Thanks for adding this request.

Can we add CRM to this list?

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Thanks Alex - added.

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@Peter-Schmidt Can we get this added to the back log?

I’ve got another use case for this. I need for a user to be able to login to a secure zone and be able to view/edit CRM data from the front end and having a public API that could access CRM data would address this need.

@twrsj @Alex_B_Centrifuge

– Sure :+1:
Thanks for reminding me Alex :slight_smile:


How about adding Shipping? (many brokers out there now)

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Access to Custom Module Items would be great. We need a way to import/update custom module items via FTP or API to keep the website content current with an external database.

I see that v6.4.0 is being released today. I also see that API access is scheduled for this release. Does anybody know if this will actually be in v6.4?

Custom Modules API would be massive. This would open up endless opportunities to integrate with almost any type of system. Imagine the power of that!

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