Australia Post shipping integration

Can the powers that be please add Australia Post shipping API to the eCommerce Feature Request in the Backlog? Thanks

Apparently it will not be built into the V5 release.

Thanks Dean

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Added here: :+1:

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Has the Australia Post shipping API been developed in to Treepl yet?

Hi @ReaganVautier

Yes, AusPost is an integrated shipping option - although the Documentation is not complete for this one due to the nature of the developer account setup process.
Shipping Options

I believe you would signup for an API key for the “Postage Assessment Calculator” option on this page: (but not 100% sure)

If you do set up this option, it would be great if you could provide some info on the key steps and I can add them to the Docs.
Or perhaps we can work on this together if you need additional help - so I can document the process.

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