BACKLOG: Add Field Type to `FormSubmissionData` Liquid Output

It would sometimes be handy to know the field type (string, dropdown, radio, boolean, etc.) of a field in the FormSubmissionData object so as to better format form results dynamically on the confirmation page and in workflow/autoresponder emails.

For example, if a media/upload field is used, we could check for that field type with a Liquid condition and render an image element instead of just the raw file path as text. Or a boolean field with a tick or cross icon instead of just ‘true’ or ‘false’.

I propose this matches the already available ‘Type’ data in the Form’s Liquid date as per the screenshots below. And likewise, it would be equally as helpful to include the FieldGroupType data as well so we can list field groups together and/or with different formatting (eg: Advance CRM Groups):

Form Liquid output:

FormSubmissionData output:

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Thanks @Adam.Wilson - Added here: Add Field Type to `FormSubmissionData` Liquid Output

Let me know if you want to add or edit anything :slight_smile:

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