BACKLOG: Portal Defaults for creating new sites

Not a big deal, but 2 possible enhancements for the Treepl Portal regarding new Trial Sites:

  1. It would be nice to have a set of defaults we could set for our Partner Portal for creating new sites.
    Ie: set default; Root domain, Data Center, Country and Timezone
    So we don’t have to search through country and timezone mostly… but would just make life a little easier.

  2. Could newly created Trial Sites be active (not idled) once they’ve been created, as you’d typically want to access that newly created site straight away and having to wait again for it to activate is, well… yet another 30sec of waiting for something in our lives :slight_smile:

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@Peter-Schmidt Please add these to public backlog

There you go :+1:

I would also like space for default system email template… ala BC workflow emails.

@Peter-Schmidt These features have been implemented, and this backlog can be closed.

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@Rhatch and @Peter-Schmidt the first option (to set default; Root domain, Data Center, Country and Timezone) is not currently available - unless I’ve missed something?

@Adam.Wilson, or am I reading this wrong, but when I create a new site, except for the root domain, the Data Center, Country, and Timezone are all set for me. Maybe there the same for everyone and just happen to work for me.

@Rhatch Yep, those are just the system defaults - which luckily work for you :laughing: