Backlog Request 2034 Discussion - Drag & Drop Weight Management

Can whomever originally made this request please include more details within this forum post, so that the team has the required information to review it?

@Peter-Schmidt could you please link this to Backlog Request 2034


My interpretation of this request, is that you can drag & drop module items, to change their weighting rather than having to do it manually in each item. (excuse my terrible example of drag & drop below)

I wonder if drag and drop is the best approach for weighting?

  1. It would need to be disabled if weighting is not enabled for the module.
  2. I can see it causing issues, or being hard/impossible to use if there are lots of items and pagination has kicked in - and when there are lots of items is when you need a better way to handle weighting… so drag and drop may not solve this.

I don’t know what the solution is though.
Perhaps, drag and drop for weighting can only function in a simplified list view (where pagination doesn’t apply???).

Or maybe the weighting property is an editable field in the list view, that when an item’s weighting is changed it updates all items ‘below/less than’ it.
(But I think editable property fields in the list view is a totally different topic/request)

Any other thoughts, or has anyone seen how this is done elsewhere that works well?

Wondering if only when enabled, an editable box appears.

Hopefully the originally requester has some further thoughts on this

Yep, I think that would work. But foresight tells me that the very next Backlog Request after this will be for many other fields to be editable right from the list view… which basically turns into an online spreadsheet… which would be awesome, but it’s a whole different request.

Gotta starts somewhere though I guess :slight_smile:

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Forum link added to request :slight_smile:

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