Backlog Request 2111 Discussion - Custom Property Notes

Custom Client Notes For Custom Fields

New ‘Notes’ field against any custom field created in the admin. It would display next to the field when clients are creating Custom Module items and could provide additional info to help them when entering content.
For example: with a image field, the note might read “This image is displayed as the thumbnail on your Team Members page and idealy should be portrait orientation and at least 500px wide”.
The note could perhaps be hidden under a help/info icon to keep the layout clean.


I initially discounted how handy this feature would be, it’s custom so you could make it anything, file dimension instructions, where it shows for the clients, explain what link they should use. It has great potential from a customer experience viewpoint.

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So many times I wanted this in BC.
And while we are adding to the custom properties, it would also be very helpful to be able to add a default value to a field (could be a default image, a preselected option in a dropdown, a predefined text string, or just some other help “placeholder” text).

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If I could place a unicorn screaming YASSSS here, I would.

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OMG, these would be totally awesome. :partying_face:

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This would be a great feature. I would take some re-training work off my plate if clients could see the instructions I left for them.

@Adam.Wilson Shoul your suggestion should become a new backlog request ?

@Alex_B_Centrifuge I figured since it was closely related to this one and likely involves the same kind of work, expanding the database for custom properties, it would compliment this request.
I’d rather see similar/related items grouped together so they can become more well-rounded features rather than split into individual smaller items - seems more efficient that way… but that’s just my opinion.
Depends on how the team would like to work on them I guess.

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I agree, makes sense to me to have the team work on one fleshed out idea rather than 3 little ones

Forum link added to request :slight_smile:

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Yes, and Yes. There are many missing option in the properties box on Customer modules. Here is my take on it. These should be available for Forms and Default values as well.

At the top is our current Property option box and that the bottom is what we need.

I just did a site with a lot of user submitted forms so these properties could have saved me a ton of time.

  • Property name: This is for the back end and liquid. ie: “lname”
  • Property label: This is for the user: ie: “Last Name” I wish we also could do this with default properties because Name: isn’t always what is. Some times it is Title or Business Name.
  • Field Type: We need a couple of extras or we need a secondary For example I don’t always want date/time I may only want time or just date. Also fields like tel:
  • Description: This is a note for the user on what to put in the field
  • Placeholder: to put an example in the field like “” Maybe this and the Description are the same but both give us flexibility.
  • Class: this is for user submitted forms setting the class here makes it easier to add the Create and update forms.
  • Pattern: This could be auto set based on field or set by us. Great for both back end submissions and user submitted
  • Media Accept: so only specific media types are uploaded.
  • Value: to set the default value or Value of a hidden field { This could be liquid value}
  • Hidden: Forgot this one. basically a checkbox indicating this is a hidden field.
  • Required: it should be labeled as required instead of mandatory. required is what is in the html so is is just more consistent.