Backlog Request 2466 Discussion - Change Images in NICE Editor

The ability to change images


Can whomever originally made this request please include more details within this forum post, so that the team has the required information to review it?


We can edit text and headers in NICE editor, but not images.
We don’t use NICE, nor do our customers to so I’m not able to add much more this one

I’m not sure there is too much to elaborate here, but I’ll try.

The request is to have the ability to change an image via the nice editor. I can imagine similar functionality to what we have in the back in the WYSIWYG editor.

  1. Click on the image
  2. Toolbar appears
    3 Replace image by a. drag and drop new image onto target area b. upload a new image from your computer 3. browse files on the server to select a new image.


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Thanks Alex, that’s super helpful.

Forum link added to request :slight_smile: