Backlog Request 2567 Discussion - Change/Activity Logs

Some way of knowing if other admins are logged in to a site. One of my main reasons for this is to see if another dev is logged in to a site so we don’t overwrite each other’s changes.

Also, it’s nice to be able to see who did what when you’re trying to track down a problem generally. BC had an admin log, which I think is the least that could be done, I’m sure Treepl could do better, and I’m sure the community has some better ideas. At a bare minimum my request would be to have an admin/ftp access log. It would be neat to have some kind of way of seeing who is currently logged in/connected via ftp via the dashboard.



I believe this feature should have been foundation.

It is really important that we are able to offer our clients transparency.

I’ve included below an example of what it could look like, and where it could go.

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For me the admin logs are critical to see who did what. My my common use case would be to see who broke something.

For the use case of seeing if other editors are online you could do something like display a dot for each logged in user at the top of the menu. Something like this.

On hover it would display their name.

I think for users logging in via FTP you might want to display their dot while they are connected and then for 15 minutes (or some time interval) after they disconnect. It’s common for FTP users to just connect when they are making updates, but not be connected all the time.

I could even see integrating chat functionality on the right hand side of the screen like google docs, but that is definitely another request.


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Forum link added to request :slight_smile:

@Alex_B_Centrifuge hey alex, if you haven’t already could you please vote / favourite this in the backlog. The sooner we can get this moving the better for everyone.

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