Backlog Request 3018 Discussion - Add Custom CSS, Font Etc. in WYSIWYG

Add Custom CSS, Font Etc. in WYSIWYG

Be able to add custom colors, CSS, fonts in WYSIWYG editor (via Treepl Portal, per site).

I’m not sure who the original requester of this was, but I can’t see a need for this

We already have this:

and this:

I’m not sure if they mean something more like this:

Yeah, I think the original request was referring to the ability to add custom colours (like the clients brand colours) and custom CSS classes that you’ve predefined in the stylesheet.

Adding a fonts menu I don’t think would be appropriate (and you could/should achieve this with custom class names).

We had this functionality in BC and definitely helps clients maintain on-brand content and styles.


I think we still need to have the basic <h1>, <h2>, normal etc drop down. Don’t we?

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I think it would be cool to have the ability to add some custom brand colours the WYSIWYG.

I especially think that having the ability for users to add a custom class from a drop down would be very useful. I could see having a drop down with classes in it, then the user could highlight text and apply the class, just like they would apply bold or italics.

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Forum link added to request :slight_smile: