Backlog Request 3216 Discussion - Stripe Website Payment Option

Treepl Portal: Stripe As a Website Payment Option


I was confused by this request at first, but Peter very politely explained to me, that partners were wanting the option to pay for the website hosting fees within the Treepl Partner Portal via Stripe.

Forum link added to request :slight_smile:

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I strongly support this. I recently took a client live with Treepl billing where the client did not have a PayPal account. This was not a good introduction for the client…

  • Here’s the problem - …
    Because the purchase is a “recurring billing subscription” the client must have an active paypal account to facilitate it. It cannot simply be paid by card (without a paypal account) like normal ecommerce sales. So we helped setup a PayPal account for the client. But hosting still would not process because paypal account limits must first be removed before subscription billing is allowed. This required loading banking and tax details into PayPal and purchasing a security code using the billing card previously loaded into the account. The code then needs to be retrieved from the card statement so it can be validated. End to end it took 5 days to complete the go live process. This has to be resolved.
    Stripe offers subscription billing without any barriers. The payment process is a normal credit card billing experience. I would also like to suggest that rather than requiring the client to log in, it would be much better if the partner could send a payment request from Treepl portal to the client to make the payment. The partner can then complete the deployment before inviting the client into admin.
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Very much needed. I totally support it. Need more votes on this one :wink:

@lee.relianceit and @Peter-Schmidt could you guys go on over to the backlog and vote for this item 3216 and help move it on to the v6.1 rollout? Thanks, Wayne

@Peter-Schmidt Could you add the description for this public backlog item: (

@Mary.s - Sure. I guess the original author thought it was self-explanatory :rofl:

Can we make this Stripe and Moneris (Canada) I have a client still waiting on Moneris integration formerly promised in November of last year. I also could bring some e-commerce client on board with Treepl simply because of this.

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