Backlog Request: 3rd Party Shipping Integration

@Peter-Schmidt Backlog Request Sir… quoted from my Slack message:

3rd Party Shipping Integrations:** Hey Treepl team, do we have an estimate for when we will have simple shipping integration with 3rd party shippers, such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Canada Post, etc.? I have a few clients that use one or more of these services and before I move them over to Treepl I need to know if a) if this is on the roadmap; b) which providers will be available?; and, c) when will this be available?

This is a key feature and something that BC has already, so assuming this will impact a lot of migrations moving from BC to Treepl that have shipping integrations already set up.

My suggestion is that all partners list their top 3 preferred 3rd party shippers. I’ll start:

  1. Canada Post
  2. FedEx
  3. UPS


  1. DHL
  2. UPS
  3. FedEx
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So this request is sort of already there (updated from only being for Australia Post), so I guess we can just update this one with the 3rd party shippers that partners suggest :slight_smile:

  1. UPS
  2. USPS
  3. FedEx


To be honest, I’m really stuck to using alternate platforms if these three aren’t supported unfortunately. Just my three!

Thank you,

  • Ryan