Backlog Request: Account Created in Portal

Hey guys, looking to add a simple Backlog Request.

In the Partner Portal in both the Live Site and Trial site settings, can we get a “Account Created” text field, which generates the exact date that the site was created? To go one step further, possibly if we can get the date the website went live?

I feel like I am always looking for this info, so I just create my own spreadsheet. It would be great if this was automated.

So, Trial site settings would show: Date Trial Site was Created; and,
Live Site settings would show: Date Trial Site was Created and the Date the Live Site went live.

Perhaps in this area: Screenshot by Lightshot



Hi @A3CS - Sorry for my late reply. (My email and the forum notifications don’t play that well together for some reason) :slight_smile:

Added here: Account Created In Portal :+1:


Thanks @Peter-Schmidt