Backlog Request: Added CRM Default User Fields

CRM / Forms - Add default user field “Business”.

There are times when we need the contacts “Business” to be part of the CRM. Currently, I have been adding it as a custom group or I have been using the default “Site” field. But sometimes I need both Business and Site.

CRM / Forms - Add default user field “Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3, Custom 4”.

CRM custom group works well but getting the data requires extra work. Sometimes you just need one or two extra fields to work with. At times I use other existing fields line Notes but that doesn’t always work for the client. I would like a few default custom fields.

Under CRM / Contacts you could add an “edit settings” like in a custom module. Here we can define the label for these 4 custom fields. This label would then show up in the CRM Contacts info and on the Form field Label. This could change the field name too or it can be left as “Custom 1”.

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Here you go @Rhatch :+1: