BACKLOG REQUEST - Admin Rules UI Improvement

Request to make improvements to the Admin Rules UI

Currently,is a vertical list, with no sectional division

Would like sections to be collapsible and indented to match the admin menu



This is a very low priority request, just wanted to get it on the list for down the track improvements

@Peter-Schmidt could you please add to the list

@lee.relianceit - Sure added here:

Do not use this feature that much but I totally get what you want. I am just not sure that it will give a better overview since some things will be harder to find when you need to go through all the levels.

Content -> Pages will be relatively straight forward, but I think that some will be really “deep” in levels, but I see that it will make sense since it will be the same “route” as in the menu.

I am with you that the current one might not be the best, but I am not sure that having so many levels will help in how fast you can find the info you need :slight_smile:

Very very open to suggestions with this one, I imagine this improvement will be quite some time away so lots of time for partners to add their ideas for improvement.

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I completely agree that this needs to be refined. I think It should reflect and layout just like the actual menu. I am also finding that some options don’t work or the don’t work like I think they should. For example it looks like you can set the default for custom modules so you don’t have to do it module by module. I find that this doesn’t work when I did it a few days ago.