BACKLOG REQUEST - Categories Improvements

1. See all items associated with a category

Use Case: Cleaning up a clients data, I want to see if category is being used anywhere across the site, would like to click on the category and see anything assigned that particular category. Currently, I am exporting each module separately and checking over the items, I did try sorting by the category on table view but exporting was quicker (due to the volume of client data)

2. Disable (but not delete) categories
Use Case Client says they don’t want the Projects category items to display anymore, rather than going in an individually disabling all items with that category, disabling the category, would disable any child items but not delete them.

Use Case: Client has 25 active categories, and is getting overwhelmed with the amount of options, you’ve found that Category 2014/2015 doesn’t have any items associated to it, as the admin user disable this category, the end users are no longer able to see it, but you can later re-enable again if required.

As with all my requests, this may not suit everyone (or anyone else) but if I don't ask, I won't know.

@lee.relianceit: Added here: :slight_smile:

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