BACKLOG REQUEST - Copy Site without CRM data

Currently when you copy a site in Treepl, you can only bring CRM data into the new site from the site you are copying. The reason we joined BC 10 years ago was due the fact they advertised BC as the perfect CMS for franchises. Where you could create a new franchisee website just by copying the main site. BC worked so that CRM data would not be copied over from the old site to the new site. In Treepl the only option is to carry over the CRM data. Which is great for a backup but not so good as a franchise model. The ideal scenerio would be for us to decide whether CRM data should be copied over or not, or even some other things should not copy such as a credit card info or Google Analytics. Custom Modules should carry over.

I know many do not work with Franchises, but if you ever do you will want this feature.


I’d rather copy everything and delete what I don’t need, than start from scratch, though I can see some merit in being able to choose what you copy across. Perhaps something similar to BC migration tool?

How do you see this looking?