Backlog Request - Import/Export Categories

Be great to be able to import/export categories, this afternoon I had to go through and manually add 20 new cats and sub cats and it was so time consuming waiting for the site to load each time. Painful.


Actually, you kinda can… if you do an import of a module that uses Categories, adding any new categories to the import file will also create those categories.

But yes, there’s no real export function and it would be better if it had it’s own import/export :slight_smile:

Depending on your needs you can also not use Categories and create a custom module. I have done this a few times now. I had a client that needed 200 categories and another that had two categories but 50 items in one and 20 in another. Plus we needed to allow both to be selected by a module and search and sort by both. So we created two custom modules and then linked them to the modules using custom properties data source. Everything they do us on the Front end and they don’t have access to the backend so by using a Custom module they can also add categories from the front end.


@lee.relianceit - Will @Adam.Wilson’s solution help you out?
I guess that would be the way to do it?

If you want to have a specific import/export for this I can of course add it, but I would say that the functionality is there already as Adam explained? :slight_smile:

it works for added new ones but not for editing or deleting, so it’s not an ideal solution but perhaps something they can look at adding as an internal job rather than backlog request as it seems very basic functionality to me

I’d love an option to be able to push a button to sort them alphanumerically. The drag & down sorting method is very helpful for sort category lists but not for very large lists. I have a list of over 150 categories and it can be very hard to find a category to apply because they are not in any particular order.

@Eugene - What do you think :slight_smile:
Is it a “basic” fix you can add to a sprint or do you need this in the public backlog? :slight_smile:

I think it’s no problem to add a sorting functionality. I’ll add this to my internal backlog and we’ll groom how we can do this better. We’ll try to release this in v.6.0.

Hi @Peter-Schmidt
Sorry for the long response time.
I reckon it’s not hard, but now all our backend developers are doing their best on version 6.0. And I think will be better to add it to the public backlog and we’ll release it in the upcoming releases.


Thanks @Eugene :slight_smile:
I have added the request here - let me know if anybody has something to add :slight_smile:

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thinking out loud again, being able to delete multiple items at once would be a huge improvement to categories also - if they can add that in with this backlog request

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Added @lee.relianceit :+1: